Men’s and Women’s Circles

The Fifth Direction holds weekly sacred spaces for both men and women that involve meditation and interactive dialogue around the true nature of masculinity and femininity. Underpinned by Jungian archetypes, the circles are based on ancient shamanic principles, with the extensive use of mythology and story-telling. The circles run on a four-weekly rotation of themes which are then brought together in ceremony at our mixed circle, The Gathering. They form part of the regular timetable and are available to members, or on a casual basis, with the men sitting together each Tuesday night and the women on Thursday night.

Asher Packman also hosts a larger monthly men’s circle, The Warrior Within. In just over two years, this initiative has touched the lives of over 100 men across Melbourne, raising in excess of $8000 for charity.

The Gathering

The Gathering, hosted by Asher and Marissa Downes, is a monthly sacred space that brings men and women together as one. We explore masculinity and femininity in our culture and in ourselves and learn to connect fully to their divinity and power, allowing the creation of a unifying energetic wholeness. The circle we co-create is based on ancient shamanic principles and offers an opportunity to ground and reconnect, allowing us to live with love, passion, purpose and freedom of spirit. It helps us discover and understand these innate qualities in the other, as well as within ourselves, while the alignment of these divine energies provides an entry point into our heart-awakened authenticity, enabling us to drop all fear of expressing our deepest self. We draw upon Shiva and Shakti, the masculine Shiva representing consciousness, while the feminine Shakti is the activating and energising principle. In essence, they are one and the same.

The Gathering takes place on the last Thursday of every month at The Fifth Direction. All are welcome to join us. Book here.