A selection of Asher's work, some of which has appeared in published collections such as  The Art of Artjamming, Of Laughter and Forgetting and The Sound of  Poetry.

Is my face an outward expression of my soul?
The maidenhead of an Earth-born vessel?
Heralding with reverence the emotional scars
Of a life lived in full

Or is it a simply a signpost?
Battered and bent
Carrying the mark of life’s misfortune
For mindless eyes

My body speaks in volumes
My face an open book
An awesome tale in life and love
For those who see, not look

Sometimes I know
That my time here is great
When I let my mind free
From the mess it creates

The wind in the trees
And love in the air
Far better than drowning
In the burdens we bear

Quiet my soul
Listen for the message above the noise
Make it clear
Give me a choice
It’s crystal clear
And it is the reason my body has been put here

Stand at the edge
Look down
Toes point forward
Body in control
Steady the head
Hands outstretched
The soul takes charge
Let go
Lifted up to the wide blue sky!
Feel my spirit soar!

My wild brain scatters thoughts
Throughout the junkyard of my mind
And when I try to fathom them
I stand to lose all that is me

If I can wear them down
Discover them, their meaning
Somewhere in the savage garden
Of raw emotion and stilted pain

What will I find?
An everchanging jamboree
Kaleidoscope, you know that's me

But sometimes I'm afraid
Deathly afraid of feelings
Hide them out of sight

But if I unlock the door
I'll open up so wide there's nothing
You won't see

Daytime finds a child
Content, and for the most part, mild
But darkness comes, and the boy is crying
His soul’s unleashed a savage lion

Pacing back and forth, angry at the world
Asleep, his life is whipped and whirled
Teeth clenched and bared like fists of rage
The lion trapped inside his cage

Woke this morning, his jaw a mess
Struck out again with a swift clean left
The mirror in the hallway didn't lie
He'd even stuck a finger in his eye

Why does he try to undo
Everything that’s been done?

In his sleep

My youthful days not known
Stolen when my twisted back was turned

Weighted down with sinkers of guilt
Drowned in the Barwon.

New blood the only way, little Day

But without paternal love
Can the boy become a man?

Bury me on a windswept dune
Aside my sister so fair

Spirits of children never born

Place orchids on our ashen grave
But nothing will ever grow

Yesterday is here again
So I rise from where I lie
For I have my rock
And my mountain to climb

I cry out in protest
But my rock is heavy
And I climb my mountain every day
In every way.

I am alone
All I have is my rock
And my mountain

Oh, I might find something new
But the rock will squash it
When it comes rolling down
It always does

A painting on my wall
Love forged over time
The longing in her deep brown eyes
forever in my mind

Visions on white canvas cast
beauty yet untapped

Those graceful hips, a trembling lip
held tight in memory's loving grip

But careful if you play the muse
for eternity can mock
And fade your living colour
like blue denim against rock

My artful lady painted
will outlive her mortal charm
Her image does adore me still
Forever in my arms

Caught in that eternal pose
emotion hard to hold
For colours cutting sunset shards
rejuvenate my soul

Giddy heights
Lows black as night
That wondrous disease
Of exalted happiness
Somehow impossible to maintain

The mind recoils in horror
At the thought of losing all that is you
Evil thoughts grow like weeds
Strangling the mind with a vice-like grip
Turning them into reality

The dichotomy of human nature
Can be a painful bliss
Stripping a person naked
And providing them with false protection
Should not be mistaken for love

Hanging round this distant town
With time to sit and think
Often makes me wonder why
My world’s not quite in synch

Life can make a fool of us
Its code so hard to crack
The mind it often stumbles
With no way to turn things back

Then you appear before me
And I lose myself a while
Always knew I was no devil
Could I be your angel chile? 

Kaleidoscope of girls I’ve known
You’re fuelling my emotion
Feeling for the first time
That uplifting soul co-motion

Quiet desperation
Search for love in the eyes of strangers
I must find spiritual harmony
And learn to give to myself
Before I can give to others  

A hit and run driver
She just picked up a stray
A lonely prisoner
On an endless highway

She takes me by the hand
My body at her side
Walks me to the door
And a cross-town taxi ride

 City lights and neon
Time caught in between
Lost in my thoughts
As she plays out the scene

She is under my skin
Close to the bone
So soft on my lips
But I am still alone

Listen to my heartbeat
Can I feel it? 
Love, the force
That springs from deep within
I will find my own way
Walking on water
Swimming under the earth
But for now sit still
And listen
To the heart of a man
Ancient and hairy
A wild man

Change is constant
But I can’t change my soul
Solid as a an old oak
It can be scarred
But the roots remain solid

Water crashes against the rocks
Of a war torn coast
My fingers tap
Just write what you are thinking!
Been so long now, lost in the wilderness
Who am I really? Do I even know?
Waves getting louder
A night bird chips, like a rusty swing
The house creaks, a loud crack
A branch hits the window
I’m waiting, but what I am waiting for?
The power of the surf, surging
Louder, louder
Then retreating into an eerie still
Light creeps over the hill
And still I wait

Loquacious by name
Or by nature indeed
It's man's greatest folly
His linguistic greed

The quest for life's wisdom
Has all come to nought
Replaced by the noise
Of attention being sought

Loquacious am I! Epicurean muse
Loquacious I am! (Just like Dr Suess) 

Our ancestors knew
That silence was golden
They left us with prose
To which we should hold on

"Qui nescit tacere," 
Or listen ye well
"Nescit et loqui,” 
Before tales ye can tell

As words they come cheap, 
When shrink-wrapped and packed
It may well be our downfall, 
Our verbal Big Mac

So quiet your mind, 
And soon you will learn
When it comes time to speak, 
You'll know it’s your turn

Consider the one largest hole in your face
For other than eating, it's in the wrong place
There's an ear at the end of each one of your cheeks
So we all ought to listen twice as much as we speak 

The nescient tide of humankind
Marches up the sand of time
Great ocean stretching on and on
Thoughtful and sublime

And behind the shoreline of the now
The waves of human past
Bellow tales of lives we’ve lost
Triumphant ever last

Water recoils each thunderous roll
Our spirit in every break
Emotions rising salty clean
Love and bitter hate

And what of time man's yet to face? 
The sands we've yet to touch
Will the dunes of Mother Earth erode? 
Evolution just too much

Learn to trust the ocean
It's wise and ever strong
Just the sunset colours of the sea
Remind me I'm not wrong

The game of life is difficult
The rules they always change
Just when you think you’re happy
The goals move out of range

The crowd they love a battle
I could hear the mighty din
When I pulled up to the stadium
With a ticket to get in

But I was halted at the turnstiles
My conscience at the door
So I was listening from the car park
When man announced the score

Sometimes I feel I’m different
On the outside looking in
If life is just a game
I’m not so sure I need to win

Plane rides and jet lag
A life carved out of time
Home is where the minibar is
The heart just left behind

Faceless airport lounges
Blurred taxi rides
Feeling for his cell phone
The friend right by his side

A man in a suitcase
Plastic people in his way
But he never shows emotion
He just “has a nice day” 

Glance over shoulder
Reality behind
Skulking in the shadows
Near the exit marked “It’s Time!” 

He’s says it’s for the freedom
And settling down’s a bore
But is he really happy? 
Or a loner on a seesaw? 

The man who walks his days
Under many different skies
Carries with him inner strength
But what is it that he hides? 

A fugitive from life
He’s always on the run
He says it’s nearly over
Yet it’s only just begun

My ship sails endlessly on
Through heady days
Into the restless night
But who is at my helm? 
Has a course been mapped before I even set sail? 
Or am I in uncharted waters
Tossed and turned
By the ebb and flow of life
All at sea

To honour love’s recovery
I know the only way
Is to embrace the trust between us
And not let it shy away

I ache to feel you near me
Your warmth and smell and touch
It’s soulfood for my spirit
It lifts my heart so much

Show you all my love
That’s what I’m going to do
Never give you cause for pain
I’ll open up for you

All my life I’ve hidden
Afraid to really live
But when you appeared before me
I found so much love to give

So take that chance again, be strong
Let the past just drift away
And let this lifelong gift of love
Grow stronger every day

Let the dam be broken
Wash the tears and hurt away
And know that when I’m loved by you
I’m happy every way

Let the walls come tumbling down
For they make it hard to breathe
And I’ll show you what’s inside me
Stuff you dearly want to see

If we can love like that again
Be trusting evermore
I'll take you in my arms
And we can call the past a draw

Opening up my soul to you
Has been mighty hard, it’s true
Emotions make an ass of me
Forgive me when they do

And even if I stumble
For life can sometimes bite
Just know the love you give me
Makes my sun shine ever bright

I hear the words you tell me
Every single thing you say
I feel the love you give me
And I thank you every day

Love that cannot lie
Is what I’ve found with you
And if it means just being vulnerable
That’s an easy thing to do

So here I am, my love
The very essence of me too
And along with mother nature’s beauty
I’ll give it all to you

There's so much more to tell you
My lover, my best friend

But when words begin to fail me
Just know I can’t pretend

Wild Woman, you’re amazing
And I hope that you can see
That the glow you feel inside you
Is forever seen by me