Our coaching team comes from a diverse array of backgrounds, each bringing with them a strong understanding of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of wellbeing.

Lucas Barker
Lucas has been a dedicated warrior in the fitness industry since 2004. He is currently studying a Bachelor of Biomedicine and Exercise Science. He has worked with a wide variety of clients from rehab patients to actors, dancers and professional athletes. He is currently working as a strength and conditioning coach with the Melbourne Rebels Elite Pathways Under 15 Rugby Squad, as well as AFL’s GWS Giants players during their off-season. Lucas believes that development of strength in all plains of movement is essential so that we can jump, sprint, lift, dance and love like our bodies are designed to.

Doug Wilson
Doug overcame a life-threatening brain tumour in 2013 and used yoga and meditation to support his rehabilitation. In just over 12 months after suffering extensive cranial nerve damage, meningitis and leaving hospital in a wheelchair, he became the first person to run seven competitive marathons on the seven continents in under seven days. As a qualified Kundalini Yoga instructor, Doug now teaches these valuable techniques for maintaining health, wellbeing and coping with stress in the modern world. His scientific knowledge is backed up by practical, real world experiences that make his classes and workshops informative while opening the body, mind and spirit. You can find out more about Doug at Kundalini Running.

Beatriz Ribeiro
Beatriz has been exploring the ancient practice of yoga for nearly a decade and has had the chance to practice different styles with different teachers in many countries. She brings a combination of it all to her classes, where she takes the students on a journey to discover the power it has to transform lives. Her strong vinyasa/ashtanga yoga classes will challenge students to explore their edge and find joy in movement, while focusing on finding correct alignment to bring a unique sense of empowerment. Through intention, meditation, pranayama and asana, her goal is to have her students leave each class feeling refreshed and renewed. Dedicating her time studying the mind, body and soul through yogic philosophy and combining it with her passion for healing modalities, she adds a unique dimension to her teachings. Her main goal is detachment - she believes transformation occurs when we begin the journey to connect with our true self, letting go of what does not serve us and focusing on the present moment. Beatriz completed her Yoga Alliance Accredited 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training in Ubud, Bali, with Kalpana Radhika Yoga.

Paul Glezer
Paul has been immersed in the health and wellbeing space since 2003. He has extended experience in strength and conditioning, calisthenics, mobility and stress management. Paul’s approach to training is ‘client first’ and his experience with hundreds of people over the years has taught him that balance is the key ingredient to progress. It has been Paul’s mission to explore and negotiate the dynamic nature of life through movement, mind and heart.

Marissa Downes
Known as the conduit of contrasts, Marissa’s expertise is born from her curiosity for exploring and integrating modern science, ancient wisdom and human potential to enrich and deepen connections, personal performance and wellbeing. Marissa has worked alongside Australia and New Zealand’s High-Performance Olympic, Paralympic, World Champion and Red Bull X-Games champions and holds a MSci (Hons) in Physical Performance. Following a series of pivotal events, Marissa began asking deeper questions about life and turned towards meditation to deepen her inner work. Five years on and intuitively guided to study and implement practices of human behaviour, spiritual philosophy, NLP, holistic health and Shamanic Traditions, Marissa is now a qualified Life Coach, a certified Intuitive Guide, Healer & Transformational Breathwork specialist. Marissa’s work specialises in Sacred Awakenings, Conscious Relationship and Reclamation of the Sacred Feminine. She offers gatherings and retreats that support people on their journey inward to explore, heal, awaken and integrate all aspects of their being.

Stefanie Turner
Stef is the founder and resident health and fitness coach at our on-site partner, Performance Pilates & Yoga. Her love of Pilates was born out of a desire to forge a career as a professional dancer in musical theatre. Complimenting intensive performing arts training with Pilates became critical in helping her reach fitness goals specific to excelling as an artist and dancer. As she pursued Pilates further, she was able to quickly reach new heights in her career, and achieve a level of fitness she never knew possible. Now a devoted fitness professional with a diverse set of skills across training, instructing, performing and dance teaching, Stef has achieved widespread recognition for her capabilities and contribution to the fitness community, and as a result now operates as a lead fitness instructor and brand ambassador for Nike.

Will Frost
Will's passion for the power of the human mind came to light when he discovered Wim Hof talking about consciously controlling his nervous system, core body temperature and immune system. It came at the perfect time in Will’s life, acting as a springboard into a life of discourse with his own body and mind. Five years later, Will found himself in the Polish mountains in winter training with the Iceman himself. He pushed through nature's assault course, climbing a 1600m mountain in shorts and bathing in ice-covered waterfalls to become a certified Wim Hof Method instructor. His philosophy is simple; to truly find our own inner power we must first get out of our own way.