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Train your mind by improving cognitive function and mental agility.

Meditation is now proven to be an effective method of managing stress, increasing motivation, reducing symptoms of chronic illness and, more fundamentally, discovering our mind's full potential.

By providing a direct connection to the nature of our mind, and by observing its character moment-to-moment without judgement, meditation helps us make better decisions in life that can directly translate to our own happiness.

As we practice, we begin to see the difference between being lost in our thoughts and simply being mindful that they are present. Rather than acting out whatever pattern of thoughts and emotions are there, we begin to notice them as they appear. The space we create in doing so gives us choice. We can learn to respond rather than react to our experiences.

In another sense, meditation creates a solid inner platform that radiates outwards, bringing us into harmony with others and our environment. Regular practice can bring about true personal transformation on many levels. 

Starting with basic mindfulness and heart-conscious techniques, our teachers allow the opportunity for a deeper practice to emerge. The Fifth Direction holds both individual and group sessions.