A Love Note: The Art of Heart

 “In modern day society, especially in the Western world, if you were to ask someone to point to the place in their body where their consciousness is located and their decisions are made, they would most likely point to their head. Our indigenous ancestors, however, would respond to the same question by pointing to their hearts.” – from Collective Evolution’s “Using the Heart as an Organ of Perception”.

As we understand more about the benefits of meditation and mindfulness, it’s important to remember the most energetically powerful organ in the body, our hearts. While being present and ‘in the moment’ is a vital part of our overall wellbeing, heart meditation essentially takes us one step further, helping realign our hearts and minds to a point where we feel at one; within ourselves, with those around us and with the world. Furthermore, as we get in touch with our heart’s wisdom, we sharpen our innate intelligence – our intuition.

Our brain has the ability to sense our heart’s electromagnetic energy and, in response, alter its mechanisms to change our thought patterns and guide us towards a connectedness which intuitively deciphers what feels right and what doesn’t. Engaging in this kind of heart-based perception lets us see through the clutter in our minds in a way that helps us clearly understand what is important and meaningful.

Heart meditation silences our thoughts and puts us directly in touch with our feelings, allowing cranial consciousness and heart consciousness to work together without one dominating the other. The mind can then distinguish between it’s true nature and what it is conditioned to believe.

This alignment is measured by our heart-rhythm patterns. The more balanced they are, the more in sync we are. Stress levels recede, energy levels increase and we enter an optimal state of clarity, perception and performance – in a sustained way that we can take with us outside the meditation room and into our daily lives.

Stop what you are doing right now and focus on your breath. Bring your attention to your heart. From this space of love and appreciation, ask yourself how it would feel to spend more time here. Imagine if doing so enabled you to worry less, make better decisions, improve your relationships, strengthen your immune system and sharpen your intuition.

Don’t you feel better already?