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Wim Hof Weekend Workshop: New Zealand


Wim Hof Method Weekend Workshop

Hosted by Nigel Beach with special guest David Packman, both certified Wim Hof Method instructors. Brought to you by Element Health, NZ. 

When: Saturday 12th May: 7.30AM - 5.00PM & Sunday 13th May: 7.30AM - 5.30PM : (Both days included)

Where: The Remarkables Ski Field Base Building, Queenstown, New Zealand

Investment: $483.50 NZD / Ticket (plus booking fees)

This unique workshop will be hosted by certified Wim Hof instructor Nigel Beach. A physiotherapist and health advocate for two decades, Nigel will be your guide into the Wim Hof Method.

This weekend experience is suitable for any level of practitioner in the Wim Hof Method, including beginners. Participants who have done multiple workshops with Nigel before can expect a deeper experience to build on their own practice as we look to immerse ourselves in the WHM over two full days.

Spaces are limited and this experience will sell out. Secure your place today as demand is high. Your place will only be confirmed upon receipt of payment.


The Workshop Experience

Your experience will include teachings around why we should use Wim's method, how we can influence our own physiology and how we can break through the barriers of what we previously thought we were capable of.

Over two full days you will be immersed in this profound experience in the beautiful alpine environment of Queenstown, New Zealand, as we dive deep into the three pillars of the WHM - breathing exercises, mindset/focus training and cold exposure.

You will be learning a dedicated movement practice and advanced breathwork skills that offer profound physical results and insights to thrive in a world dominated by stress and disease.

This is an opportunity to expand your human potential. You will come away with the tools, training, and knowledge to begin or upgrade your daily practice in the Wim Hof Method.

In collaboration with special guest, David Packman

It is our privilege to invite renowned meditation teacher and fellow certified Wim Hof Method instructor David Packman from Melbourne, Australia, to collaborate with Element Health on this transformational WHM weekend workshop.

David Packman is also a certified HeartMath instructor and serves as the current President of Meditation Australia.

Founder of The Fifth Direction, David understands that some of the most effective ways to influence health, well-being, and performance are through our hearts, our minds and the environment in which we live.

In collaboration with Nigel, David's knowledge and experience will provide you with a deeper understanding of the Wim Hof Method and help you incorporate the tools and resources to implement an effective practice into your daily life.

More about Wim Hof, 'The Ice Man'

The method is made up of fundamental techniques that Dutchman Wim Hof developed and used to find peace, control his autonomic nervous system and achieve a high level of human performance. Wim has established 26 world records including climbing Mount Everest in shorts, running a marathon barefoot above the polar circle and standing immersed in ice for nearly two hours. Wim has shown us that our potential is undervalued and we can do more than we what we previously thought humanly possible.

More about Nigel Beach

Being a physiotherapist allows Nigel to articulate Wim's method in an easy to understand way. He sees people who have complex problems and those who have failed common treatment approaches. Nigel looks holistically and listens to the whole story of how people came to be in pain, stress or a state of underperformance. He has been practicing Wim's method for over three years and has had extensive training over those years with Wim himself.

Why practice the WHM?

This method is a proven natural way…
- To control stress effectively
- To feel energised and full of life within minutes
- To boost your body's alkalinity to fight disease, inflammation, and infection
- To help combat depression and anxiety
- To improve physical performance
- To heighten your awareness and become more open to your surroundings.

Who is this event suitable for?

The event is suitable for all levels of experience, and all ages from 18 upwards.

What to expect?

- Professional certified training in the Wim Hof Method
- An understanding and insight into the intricacies of the autonomic nervous system
- In-depth education on the method and why we should practice
- Daily hikes into one of Queenstown's glacier lakes
- A group of like-minded individuals

What's included?

- Plant-based lunch provided each day
- Morning snack, hot beverages and water
- Onsite facilities
- A team that offers help and support
- Venue with a safe environment to fully immerse yourself

What will you need to organise?

- You will need to book your own accommodation in the Southern Lakes Region for (11th/12th/13th May).
- You will need to organise transport up to the Remarkables Base Building each day
- If you have any dietary requirements, please bring your own food

What essentials will you need?

- Swimwear and shorts
- Towel x 2
- Trekking boots (Suitable for snow)
- Waterproof snow jacket
- Warm layers and comfortable hiking or sweatpants
- Warm hat/beanie and gloves
- A small day backpack
- Emergency thermals and thermal blanket
- Yoga mat and blanket for indoor sessions
- Notepad and pen for journaling 

We look forward to sharing this experience with you. Please see Element Health’s contact details below for any inquiries about the event.

Contact Element Health

If you have any questions about this weekend event, please email our Project Coordinator, Gus, at // P. +64 273436769

Facebook: Element Health, NZ
Instagram: @elementhealthnz
LinkedIn: Element Health

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