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'Meditation as Medicine' @ Madam Heap

Ancient wisdom told us of how the mind had influence over the body’s potential to transform and heal, but it is only relatively recently that science has begun to back this up. This session is for people facing health challenges as well as their carers, family and close friends.

The meditation practices undertaken during the session combine mindfulness, heart-based consciousness and focused inner healing, allowing the body to more readily do what it is naturally designed to do. Heal and thrive.

David is well-placed to lead such an important practice, being a registered meditation teacher with further qualifications in epigenetics and geobiology. His journey with a rare form of blood cancer informs his own practice as well as his teaching. As such, he fully understands the broad range of life issues surrounding a chronic health diagnosis.

Proudly supported by The Leukaemia Foundation.


Join David at Madam Heap School of Mindful Living in Middle Park.

Date: Sunday, October 15
Time: 9am–10am
Investment: $30

Book here or via the MIND BODY app on your phone.