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NATURE - Kambo Ceremony

  • The Fifth Direction 82 St Kilda Road St Kilda Australia (map)

Known as the Giant Green Monkey Tree Frog, the waxy secretion from this Amazonian amphibian carries the reputation for being one of the most powerful natural ways to modulate and strengthen the immune system.

Traditionally, Kambo is used to ensure hunting success - increasing strength, energy, endurance, and heightening the senses. It's used as a general jungle medicine to treat snake bites, malaria, infections, pathogens and fever.

And it's also used to clear away "panema" - loosely translating to heavy, negative energy; as if a dense raincloud was constantly hanging around.

Alongside indigenous use, many thousands of people around the globe are recognising Kambo as being a multi-dimensional healing medicine for a wide variety of illnesses and challenges across all levels of being: the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Join modern-day medicine man Chris Kelly for this very special offering at The Fifth Direction.

Spaces are limited to 20 people.

Where: The Fifth Direction – 82 St Kilda Road, St Kilda

Investment: $160 plus booking.

You’ll receive an email with further information of what you need to bring and how to prepare for the day. Please read through the following information at to ensure no contraindications, cautions, or health concerns are present.