The Gathering
7:30 PM19:30

The Gathering

This circle — hosted by Asher and Marissa for both men and women — is co-created based on ancient Shamanic principles. It offers an opportunity to ground and reconnect, allowing us to live with love, passion, purpose and freedom of spirit.

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T5D 28-Day Journey
to Nov 1

T5D 28-Day Journey

At The Fifth Direction, we believe that the most effective way to influence wellness and performance is through an integrated alignment of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of our lives. Our exclusive ‘T5D 28-Day Journey’ with Asher and Duncan offers you an opportunity to step outside your comfort zone and level up where you need it most.

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Meditation as Medicine
7:00 PM19:00

Meditation as Medicine

Ancient wisdom told us of how the mind had influence over the body’s potential to transform and heal, but it is only relatively recently that science has begun to back this up. Join Asher Packman for this ‘by-donation’ session at The Fifth Direction during Blood Cancer Awareness Month.

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Yin Culture 20 Hour Yin Yoga Training with Nik Robson
to Sep 1

Yin Culture 20 Hour Yin Yoga Training with Nik Robson

This training is both a transformational journey and an educational experience. Ultimately what we teach must come from our own direct experience. This course is not designed to train a yin yoga teacher from scratch. As a student, it will enhance your practice and give you an insight into the 100-hour teacher training. As an existing teacher, it will offer tools and maps to upgrade your offerings. 

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Meditations on Death (with Stephan Skipper)
7:30 PM19:30

Meditations on Death (with Stephan Skipper)

Asher Packman continues to present this intimate workshop at The Fifth Direction. Drawing on his own experience, as well as lessons from historical and mythological influences, he guides participants through a powerful death-bed meditation as well as discusses the benefits and underlying philosophy of such a practice. Asher will be joined by musician and senior music therapist at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Stephan Skipper, for this truly special event.

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Bhakti Heart
6:30 PM18:30

Bhakti Heart

Join T5D's Asher Packman alongside Heidi Trigar as they explore the heart through Kirtan and meditation on the night of the July Full Moon - a partial lunar eclipse offering the opportunity for magic, transformation and letting go.

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Kali (Embracing the Void) with Uma Spender
3:00 PM15:00

Kali (Embracing the Void) with Uma Spender

Join Uma Spender for a journey to the heart of the dark feminine. This workshop will explore tantrik philosophy & mythology and it's relevance to our modern day spirituality, as well as utilise connected breathwork, free movement and vocalisation to dive deep into self-enquiry. All welcome - feminine wisdom is for everybody.

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Wim Hof Method Fundamentals Course
11:00 AM11:00

Wim Hof Method Fundamentals Course

Join Will Frost where he will take you on a journey through the fundamental principles of the Wim Hof Method. Combine the three pillars of this method — breathwork, meditation and ice immersion — as tools to unlock the capacity of your human experience. With very special guest Christian Dimarco providing an epic live soundscape.

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7:30 PM19:30

'Warrior Within' Men's Circle

Asher hosts a fortnightly "Warrior Within" men's circle at The Fifth Direction.

450 x 300 warrior within.png

"Warrior Within" is a sacred space for men that involves meditation and interactive dialogue around the true nature of masculinity. 

With the extensive use of mythology and story-telling, the circle is underpinned by the archetype of the Wild Man, a combination of the primal and divine masculine, who is prepared to examine where it is he hurts and thus learn to embody masculinity’s highest expression. The circle is based on ancient Shamanic principles, drawing inspiration from major influences such as Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell and Robert Bly.

The underlying concepts of "Warrior Within" have been covered by Meditation Australia, The Good Men Project, The Mighty, The Art of Healing, Nourish Melbourne and many others.

Click here for more info.

Newcomers to the circle are welcome via prior arrangement.

Dates: Fortnightly on Tuesday evenings
Time: 7:00pm–8:30pm
Place: The Fifth Direction, 82 St Kilda Rd, St Kilda
Investment: $10*

*Your weekly investment, to be paid on the evening, is provided directly to the Resilient Leaders Foundation's Young Warrior Program to help enable the next generation of men access the wisdom that we ourselves are working to embody. Donations above this amount to aid the running and management of the circle are at your own discretion.

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11:00 AM11:00

'Breath & Ice' Experience

450 x 300 t5d ice poster.png

Explore the breath and cold to access the full potential of your mind and body.

Join certified Wim Hof Method instructor Zane Curwen-Walker for our monthly ‘Breath & Ice’ Experiences and learn powerful techniques that will allow you to gain control of your strength, health and happiness. You’ll discover how to influence the inner systems of your body and elevate your human potential.

By combining these simple practices you can:

- Reduce inflammation -

- Improve mood and cognitive function -

- Increase cardiovascular performance -

- Maintain hearth health -

- Strengthen the immune system -

- Balance the body's stress response -

You will also receive:

- A detailed description of the techniques to take away -

- A ‘Licence to Chill’ which will enable you to utilise our onsite ice bath and attend our regular ‘Wim Gym’ -

- Personalised evaluation and coaching of your technique -

Workshops are held monthly and spaces are limited to 25 people.

Book here.

Time: Sunday, February 10, 2019 from 11am – 3pm
Place: The Fifth Direction, 82 St Kilda Road, St Kilda
Investment: $120 plus booking

You’ll receive an email with further information of what you need to bring and how to prepare for the day.

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2:00 PM14:00

Rainbow Ice Bathing - Mullumbimby


Join Wim Hof Method Instructor Asher Packman for the ultimate method in breathwork, meditation and ice bathing. These three elements combine to put you in touch with your own true nature, alkalising and super-charging your body to bring about tremendous benefits to the immune, nervous and lymphatic systems.

The session begins with a discussion and Q&A with Asher, who was trained by 'The Ice Man' Wim Hof himself, before moving into the practice, all concluded by a life-affirming experience in the ice.

Book here.

Date: Saturday, December 8
Time: 2:00pm–5:00pm
Place: Rainbow Yoga Centre, 62 Stuart St, Mullumbimby, NSW
Investment: $50

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7:00 PM19:00

The 'Kundalini Running' Experience - Sydney

banner resized6.jpg

Join intercontinental world-record marathon runner and Kundalini yoga teacher Doug Wilson in conversation and practice with Meditation Australia president Asher Packman as they share their personal stories and take you through the learnings and experiences behind Doug's newly released book "Kundalini Running".

Taking place at Centred Meditation, the evening begins with an intimate Q&A session before moving into an active workshop. Asher will explore heart-consciousness from both a scientific and spiritual viewpoint, realigning our hearts and minds through meditation and getting us back in touch with our intuition and inner wisdom.

Doug will then conduct a session designed to develop our understanding of self-awareness through the fundamentals of Kundalini yoga and meditation. This will stimulate the body, mind and spirit to bring us toward a specific physical and mental outcome. His session will end with deep relaxation and a group healing.  

This is an event not to be missed, with an opportunity to get up close and personal with two men who have overcome adversity and used it to transform their own lives. They each share the passion of using their experiences to be of benefit to others, in showing people how to naturally unlock their highest potential.


Doug Wilson overcame a life threatening brain tumour in 2013 and used yoga and meditation to support his rehabilitation. In just over 12 months after suffering extensive cranial nerve damage, meningitis and leaving hospital in a wheelchair he became the first person to run 7 competitive marathons on the 7 continents in under 7 days.

Doug now teaches these valuable techniques for maintaining health, wellbeing and coping with stress in the modern world. His scientific knowledge toward yoga is backed up by practical, real world experiences that make his classes and workshops informative while opening the body, mind and spirit.


After more than 20 years working with the world’s leading brands as a communications senior executive, the sudden loss of his sister and mother, along with a chronic blood cancer diagnosis, led Asher Packman to significantly shift gears.

Asher is now a qualified mindset coach and meditation teacher, as well as a certified HeartMath and Wim Hof Method instructor. He has further qualifications in neurolinguistic programming (NLP), geobiology, epigenetics and the social psychology of sport. Asher is also the current president of Meditation Australia, the national peak body representing meditation and meditation teachers.


Centred Meditation's vision to give urban professionals a greater sense of calm, clarity, and confidence. They are out to disrupt the paradigm of meditation in the world with their easy, enjoyable, and effective approach. They founded Australia’s first secular meditation studio in the heart of the Sydney CBD, and deliver corporate programs and keynotes to some of Australia’s leading companies.

Book here.

Date: Friday, November 23, 2018
Time: 7:00pm–8:30pm
Venue: Centred Meditation, Level 10, 66 Hunter St, Sydney (above Rockpool Bar and Grill)
Investment: $45 plus booking (includes a copy of Doug Wilson's new book "Kundalini Running" with foreword by Asher Packman, valued at $35.95).

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to Jul 22

Australian Meditation Conference 2018

AM Conference logo_Landscape_outlined-01_SM.jpg

Co-sponsored by The Fifth Direction, the primary aim of the 2018 Australian Meditation Conference is to provide a platform for a collaborative dialogue involving a wide range of speakers, representing a rich diversity of philosophies and applications of meditation, mindfulness, contemplation and refection.

Delivered across the weekend the main conference program will feature keynote addresses and panel discussions. These dialogues will be supplemented by a variety of practical workshops, the delivery of academic papers, a quiet room for contemplation, an exhibition marketplace, live music and a ‘netwalking’ session though the local gardens.

Satellite events on Friday 20 July include an Education Forum, Masterclasses for practitioners and professionals, an early evening dinner in the exhibition area, a free public meditation gathering and an evening presentation by psychologist and New York Times best-selling author Dr Rick Hanson.

More info and tickets.

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12:00 PM12:00

'Voices of Man' with Murray Kyle


Hosted by The Fifth Direction, this workshop offers an opportunity for men to join renowned Aussie troubadour, Murray Kyle, in a discovery of body and voice that opens new pathways for our collective journey of manhood.

Fun and interactive, we will unite with voice, full body listening and vocal interpretation, exploring how our voice works throughout the whole body via sound and movement.

This unique and inspiring workshop offers a continuing collaboration with the Great Mystery.

Please book here

Date: Sunday, June 17
Time: 12:00pm–2:00pm
Place: Jibasso Room, African Drumming, 252 St Kilda Rd, St Kilda
Investment: $40 plus booking


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to May 13

Wim Hof Weekend Workshop: New Zealand


Wim Hof Method Weekend Workshop

Hosted by Nigel Beach with special guest David Packman, both certified Wim Hof Method instructors. Brought to you by Element Health, NZ. 

When: Saturday 12th May: 7.30AM - 5.00PM & Sunday 13th May: 7.30AM - 5.30PM : (Both days included)

Where: The Remarkables Ski Field Base Building, Queenstown, New Zealand

Investment: $483.50 NZD / Ticket (plus booking fees)

This unique workshop will be hosted by certified Wim Hof instructor Nigel Beach. A physiotherapist and health advocate for two decades, Nigel will be your guide into the Wim Hof Method.

This weekend experience is suitable for any level of practitioner in the Wim Hof Method, including beginners. Participants who have done multiple workshops with Nigel before can expect a deeper experience to build on their own practice as we look to immerse ourselves in the WHM over two full days.

Spaces are limited and this experience will sell out. Secure your place today as demand is high. Your place will only be confirmed upon receipt of payment.


The Workshop Experience

Your experience will include teachings around why we should use Wim's method, how we can influence our own physiology and how we can break through the barriers of what we previously thought we were capable of.

Over two full days you will be immersed in this profound experience in the beautiful alpine environment of Queenstown, New Zealand, as we dive deep into the three pillars of the WHM - breathing exercises, mindset/focus training and cold exposure.

You will be learning a dedicated movement practice and advanced breathwork skills that offer profound physical results and insights to thrive in a world dominated by stress and disease.

This is an opportunity to expand your human potential. You will come away with the tools, training, and knowledge to begin or upgrade your daily practice in the Wim Hof Method.

In collaboration with special guest, David Packman

It is our privilege to invite renowned meditation teacher and fellow certified Wim Hof Method instructor David Packman from Melbourne, Australia, to collaborate with Element Health on this transformational WHM weekend workshop.

David Packman is also a certified HeartMath instructor and serves as the current President of Meditation Australia.

Founder of The Fifth Direction, David understands that some of the most effective ways to influence health, well-being, and performance are through our hearts, our minds and the environment in which we live.

In collaboration with Nigel, David's knowledge and experience will provide you with a deeper understanding of the Wim Hof Method and help you incorporate the tools and resources to implement an effective practice into your daily life.

More about Wim Hof, 'The Ice Man'

The method is made up of fundamental techniques that Dutchman Wim Hof developed and used to find peace, control his autonomic nervous system and achieve a high level of human performance. Wim has established 26 world records including climbing Mount Everest in shorts, running a marathon barefoot above the polar circle and standing immersed in ice for nearly two hours. Wim has shown us that our potential is undervalued and we can do more than we what we previously thought humanly possible.

More about Nigel Beach

Being a physiotherapist allows Nigel to articulate Wim's method in an easy to understand way. He sees people who have complex problems and those who have failed common treatment approaches. Nigel looks holistically and listens to the whole story of how people came to be in pain, stress or a state of underperformance. He has been practicing Wim's method for over three years and has had extensive training over those years with Wim himself.

Why practice the WHM?

This method is a proven natural way…
- To control stress effectively
- To feel energised and full of life within minutes
- To boost your body's alkalinity to fight disease, inflammation, and infection
- To help combat depression and anxiety
- To improve physical performance
- To heighten your awareness and become more open to your surroundings.

Who is this event suitable for?

The event is suitable for all levels of experience, and all ages from 18 upwards.

What to expect?

- Professional certified training in the Wim Hof Method
- An understanding and insight into the intricacies of the autonomic nervous system
- In-depth education on the method and why we should practice
- Daily hikes into one of Queenstown's glacier lakes
- A group of like-minded individuals

What's included?

- Plant-based lunch provided each day
- Morning snack, hot beverages and water
- Onsite facilities
- A team that offers help and support
- Venue with a safe environment to fully immerse yourself

What will you need to organise?

- You will need to book your own accommodation in the Southern Lakes Region for (11th/12th/13th May).
- You will need to organise transport up to the Remarkables Base Building each day
- If you have any dietary requirements, please bring your own food

What essentials will you need?

- Swimwear and shorts
- Towel x 2
- Trekking boots (Suitable for snow)
- Waterproof snow jacket
- Warm layers and comfortable hiking or sweatpants
- Warm hat/beanie and gloves
- A small day backpack
- Emergency thermals and thermal blanket
- Yoga mat and blanket for indoor sessions
- Notepad and pen for journaling 

We look forward to sharing this experience with you. Please see Element Health’s contact details below for any inquiries about the event.

Contact Element Health

If you have any questions about this weekend event, please email our Project Coordinator, Gus, at // P. +64 273436769

Facebook: Element Health, NZ
Instagram: @elementhealthnz
LinkedIn: Element Health

Cancellation Policy

Submission of registration for this event, workshop or retreat with Element Health indicates that you understand and will adhere to the Cancellation Policy below.

Element Health (KS Medical LTD) reserves the right to alter the schedule or cancel this event, workshop or retreat.

If for any reason, Element Health (KS Medical LTD) reschedules or cancels this event, a full refund will be provided.

For the event to go ahead there must be a minimum amount of registrations.

If this minimum amount is not met, each guest will be notified that the event is rescheduled or cancelled.

Element Health recommends travel insurance in the case of a rescheduled or cancelled event, workshop or retreat. Element Health (KS Medical LTD) holds no responsibility for any registered participants travel arrangements unless stated otherwise.

Rescheduled Event

In the case of a rescheduled event - If the guest is not able to commit to the new date, they will be given a voucher credit for Element Health. The voucher can be put to use for other Element Health event, retreats and workshops.

Terms & Conditions for each voucher to be confirmed on case by case basis with Element Health (KS Medical LTD.)

Cancelled Event

In the case of an event being cancelled, a full refund will be provided to each registered guest.

Each guest has the option of taking an Element Health Voucher for 'to be confirmed' events, workshops, and retreats.

Each guest also has the option to receive a full monetary refund.

Release of Liability

Before taking part, in any event, workshop or retreat hosted by Element Health (KS Medical LTD.) each registered participant must sign a release of liability waiver provided by KS Medical LTD. If the waiver is not signed, the registered participant will not be able to take part in the event, workshop or retreat by any means.

For full terms and conditions please contact Element Health Project Coordinator, Gus, via email:

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6:30 PM18:30

Advanced Ice Workshop 3


David is hosting a third advanced ice workshop at The Fifth Direction in Albert Park. This workshop is for those who have mastered the basics and now wish to take a deeper dive into the science behind the Wim Hof Method, while continuing to explore working with their breath. Of course, as always, it ends with an immersion in the ice.

Spaces are limited to just 12 so get in quick. Book here.

Date: Friday, February 9
Time: 6:30pm-8:30pm
Investment: $50

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6:30 PM18:30

Ice 2017!


Due to popular demand, certified Wim Hof Method Instructor David Packman is hosting one last ice workshop for the year!

Join David at The Fifth Direction in Albert Park for some breathing, meditation and an ice bath. These three elements combine to put you back in touch with your own true nature, alkalising and super-charging your body to bring about tremendous benefits to the immune, nervous and lymphatic systems.

We will begin with a general discussion on the Wim Hof Method with David, who was trained by the 'ice man' himself, before moving into the practice.

Add in some beats and great company and you've got a perfect evening of fun and vitality.

What a great way to close out 2017!

Date: Friday, December 29, 2017
Time: 6.00pm-8.30pm (or whenever)
Investment: $50

Limited to 12 lucky people! Book here.

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7:30 PM19:30

'Turn Inward' @ Madam Heap


Join Madam Heap fortnightly for an hour of meditation with experienced guide David Packman. The sessions provide inner tranquility while offering the opportunity of a deep inward journey of discovery and transformation. They combine contemporary mindfulness and heart-based techniques with a spiritual essence, as David draws inspiration from both the Kagyu lineage of Tibetan Buddhism as well as traditional meditation practices found within Kabbalah.

The sessions are always informative and entertaining, and suitable for beginners through to advanced practitioners. 

Dates: Fortnightly on Monday evenings
Venue: Madam Heap, 106 Canterbury Rd, Middle Park
Time: 7:30pm–8:30pm
Investment: $30 (or a 4-pass for $100)

Book here or via the MIND BODY app on your phone.

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5:15 PM17:15

MMeets—How to live, love and die: presented by A—Space @ MPavilion


Living, loving and dying are three of the most important aspects of being human, yet so many of us struggle to develop healthy relationships with them. When we allow ourselves to get caught up in the frantic pace of our lives—or when things don’t go as planned—it’s easy to close ourselves off to healthy ways to deal with life, love and death.

The practice of meditation teaches us that we always have a choice to change our relationships to the many events—significant or insignificant, expected or unexpected—that occur in our lives. In this three-part series, Collingwood meditation studio A—SPACE invites you to explore what it means to approach life, love and death with presence, compassion and kindness.

David Packman will be hosting 'How to live with death' on Sunday, December 10.

Follow the links below for more information on each session:

'How to live mindfully'
Sunday 3 December, 5–6pm

'How to live with death'*
Sunday 10 December, 5.15–6.15pm

'How to love a stranger'*
Sunday 17 December, 5–6pm

*Please note: Session times differ from those originally published in MPavilion’s print calendar for January.

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to Nov 26

'Warrior's Heart' Men's Meditation Retreat


Join David for a weekend men's retreat in Red Hill on the Mornington Peninsula. We will explore the nature of modern masculinity through discussion, meditation and workshops on topics such as heart intelligence, music and the mind, breath, movement and energy.

The workshop begins informally on Saturday afternoon/evening with a meditation and discussion before we invite Lily Isobella, a pleasure and intimacy guide from The Yoniverse, to lead us through a powerful session - an invitation to explore our existing connection to the divine feminine. 

The next morning will begin with a meditation, hike and beach swim. On return, David will be joined by experienced facilitators Len Bennett and Stephan Skov for a series of sessions which will ensure the 'Warrior's Heart' retreat is one of profound self-discovery and brotherhood.

Following a powerful breathing session and ice immersion led by David, who was trained by 'the ice man' Wim Hof himself, the morning will conclude with a conversation over lunch at the neighbouring local winery.

For more, check out "Hidden in Plain Sight" - Finding Your Warrior Within

Book your place here.

Date: Saturday and Sunday, November 25-26, 2017
Time: Arrive 4:00pm on Saturday. Workshop concludes at 1:00pm on Sunday (followed by optional winery luncheon)
Venue: Iluka Eco Retreat
Investment: $185 (plus optional $40pp winery lunch)



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7:00 PM19:00

Melbourne Meditation Pod


Topic: Meditation for collective wellbeing and cultural change in schools, workplaces and communities.

The Meditation Association of Australia invites meditation teachers, meditation teacher training students and health and wellbeing professionals to attend the second Melbourne Meditation Pod meeting.

The Pod events aim to create a welcoming environment for teachers to meditate together, debrief about their teaching experiences, promote understanding across various different forms of meditation, provide opportunities for linkages and knowledge sharing and most importantly to celebrate the joy of working in this unique industry.

The event will be hosted by experienced meditation teachers and MA members Matthew Young (Melbourne Meditation Centre) and David Packman (The Fifth Direction). Our guest speakers represent a spectrum of successful yet contrasting meditation-based organisations: Murray Paterson (Potential Project) Michael Inglis (The Mind Room) and Janet Etty-Leal (Meditation Capsules).

The dialogue will consider how meditation and mindfulness, when introduced at an organisational level, can positively impact community development and cultural values. Beyond the use of meditation for individual personal development and/or recovery, how can meditation teachers approach and develop programs to enhance collective wellbeing? How can we assist schools, workplaces and communities to recognise that the health of every individual is inextricably related to the health of the whole society? How can we help others to see the collective value of simply slowing down?

With a collaborative approach, borne out of the valuing of each other’s unique perspectives, the Pod meeting will explore important issues raised by these questions.

MA Continuing Professional Development: 2 points

Annual General Meeting and Celebration Dinner

This Pod event follows the Annual General Meeting (Prana House, 4.30 - 5.30pm) and Celebration Dinner (Masala Craft, 851 High St, Thornbury, 5.30 - 7pm)

The dinner consists of a three course vegetarian banquet and lassi at a cost of $30 (plus booking fee).

Registration is essential as places are limited.

For further details and to register for the dinner please click here.

This Pod meeting is a free event for Meditation Australia members. A limited number of spaces are available to non-members learning to teach meditation or offering meditation as part of a professional health and wellbeing practice.

Click here to learn more about becoming a member with Meditation Australia.

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7:00 PM19:00

'A Flowing Stream' @ Spiritgrow

GentleWaves copy.jpg

David and Zoe Kanat are hosting a four-week meditation series at Spiritgrow on the topic of water. All welcome. No prior experience with meditation necessary.

Dates: Mondays, Nov 6 (David), Nov 13 (Zoe), Nov 21 (David), Nov 27 (Zoe).
Time: 7:00pm-7:45pm
Venue: Spiritgrow, 226 Balaclava Rd, North Caulfield
Entry: Your wellbeing is free of charge

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10:00 AM10:00

'Meditation as Medicine' @ Madam Heap

Ancient wisdom told us of how the mind had influence over the body’s potential to transform and heal, but it is only relatively recently that science has begun to back this up. This session is for people facing health challenges as well as their carers, family and close friends.

The meditation practices undertaken during the session combine mindfulness, heart-based consciousness and focused inner healing, allowing the body to more readily do what it is naturally designed to do. Heal and thrive.

David is well-placed to lead such an important practice, being a registered meditation teacher with further qualifications in epigenetics and geobiology. His journey with a rare form of blood cancer informs his own practice as well as his teaching. As such, he fully understands the broad range of life issues surrounding a chronic health diagnosis.

Proudly supported by The Leukaemia Foundation.


Join David at Madam Heap School of Mindful Living in Middle Park.

Date: Sunday, October 15
Time: 9am–10am
Investment: $30

Book here or via the MIND BODY app on your phone.

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2:30 PM14:30

'Meditations' @ Sydney Festival of Death and Dying


David will be facilitating a workshop at the upcoming Sydney Festival of Death and Dying to be held October 8-9 at Critical Path, 1c New Beach Road, Rushcutters Bay.

Contemplating death and dying is a core principle in meditative practice. Drawing on his own experiences, as well as lessons from historical influences such as the Stoics, the Samurai and Buddhist traditions of conscious dying, David will guide workshop participants through a powerful death meditation as well as discuss the concepts and underlying philosophy of such a practice. The workshop will also include a series of related exercises which focus on the pivot point where life is given and taken away – the breath.

More info and tickets for the Sydney Festival of Death and Dying can be found here.

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7:00 PM19:00

MPN Meditation Group

David is hosting a free-of-charge weekly meditation for people with Myeloproliferative Neoplasms (MPN), a rare blood cancer which often comes with a slew of difficult-to-manage daily symptoms. The group is also open to carers and close friends.

The sessions will be held at The Sauce in Albert Park each Tuesday at 7pm for one hour, as well as live at the ANZ MPN Community Facebook page for those who cannot attend in person or reside outside of Melbourne.

Beginning with a general discussion, the meditation includes a body scan with a deep dive down to the DNA, focusing on mindfulness, heart energy and inner healing.

Research has shown that meditation reduces stress and anxiety by speeding up cortisol recovery as well as lowering inflammation by down-regulating associated genes; thus allowing the body to more readily do what it is naturally designed to do. Heal and thrive. Combined with the many other benefits, regular meditation practice can be very helpful when challenged with a chronic condition such as an MPN.

If you would like to join the group, please email

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9:00 AM09:00

Leukaemia Foundation Wellbeing Forum

David will be discussing 'meditation as medicine' as a keynote speaker at the Leukaemia Foundation's upcoming Wellbeing Forum, an education event aimed at exploring the complexities of wellbeing including the combination of physical, financial and emotional health factors.

See details here.

Date: Wednesday 28th June
Time: 9.00am - 4.00pm
Location: AAMI Park Olympic Blvd, Melbourne

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to Apr 18

HeartMath Intensive

"The wisdom of our hearts is the true connection to our authenticity and power."

David is running an intimate six-week HeartMath course at The Sauce in Albert Park. The sessions run from 7pm-8pm every Tuesday beginning March 14 until April 18, 2017. This course is SOLD OUT.

Building and sustaining personal resilience
Physiology of coherence

Heart intelligence
Heart-focused breathing™

Inner ease™
Quick coherence™

Relational energetics
Energetics of communication

Expanding skills
Additional tools and techniques

Establishing a new baseline

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