Animal Flow
Work through some specific full-body mobilisations and activation before learning some cool moves. By the end of the class you will have pieced these together in a sequential flow.

We bring out all the functional toys so you can get the ups and downs of true HIIT. It's not about smashing your body; this is intelligent High Intensity Interval Training.

Kettlebells are the perfect tool to move multidimensionally and improve strength at the same time. We use traditional systems to make sure you are working hard, while incorporating some sequential kettlebell exercises to create complexities for both mind and body.

Strength & Flow
We incorporate strength training with elements of Animal Flow to deliver a truly holistic and unique class. It will challenge you on all levels but leave you feeling thoroughly nourished. The combination of compression and lengthening that the two systems provide prime the body for whatever you might throw at it. 

Strength & Sweat
This is a detailed, scientific approach to athletic development for everyone. You'll work through mobility and activations before getting your big primal movements in - such as squats, deadlifts, pushes and pulls - before some stability work and finally some sweaty conditioning.

TRX is the ultimate core training tool and is appropriate for everyone. You're in complete control of how much you want to challenge yourself by simply altering the angle of your body inside the TRX straps to increase or decrease resistance on each exercise.

Meditation is proven to be an effective method of managing stress, increasing motivation, reducing symptoms of chronic illness and, more fundamentally, discovering our mind's full potential. By providing a direct connection to the nature of our mind, and by observing its character moment-to-moment without judgement, meditation helps us make better decisions in life that can directly translate to our own happiness. Join us for these introductory sessions which encompass numerous disciplines.

Heart Meditation
Science has shown us that the heart has the most powerful energy field in the body, but these days most of us spend way too much time in our heads. Learn to understand your heart’s innate wisdom and find coherence through heart-based meditation techniques.

Yoga (Yang to Yin)
This class combines a slow and alignment-focused yang sequence, with a deep release yin practice. Invite warmth into the body as you flow through the yang postures and then slip into a very calm and therapeutic yin sequence. Release the fascia and nourish your organs through the meridian lines that are stimulated by the powerful practice of yin.

Kundalini Yoga
Kundalini Yoga is known as the yoga of awareness. A combination of meditation, mantra, rhythmic breath work and postures. The focus is on your personal experience and awareness through movement, sound vibrations and meditation to guide the energies of the body and mind to a specific result. 

Breath Journey
We use a range of breathwork practices from disciplines including meditation, yoga and the Wim Hof Method, combined with movement techniques from Animal Flow, Locomotion and other primal-based protocols. By combining these elements, you will train your body from the inside out, building strength and tapping into the power of your true nature.

Men’s and Women’s Circles
The Fifth Direction holds weekly sacred spaces for both men and women that involve meditation and interactive dialogue around the true nature of masculinity and femininity. Underpinned by Jungian archetypes, the circles are based on ancient shamanic principles, with the extensive use of mythology and story-telling. The circles run on a four-weekly rotation of themes which are then brought together in ceremony at our mixed circle, The Gathering.

Shamanic Journey
Shamanism is the oldest of spiritual and meditative practices, dating back tens of thousands of years. It puts you in contact with your higher self and allows you to build wisdom, intuition and healing energy. At its essence, shamanism uses meditation, rhythm and intention to connect with the non-ordinary dimension of reality. 

Breath & Ice
This is the ultimate T5D experience. We start our morning with some breathwork and meditation. From there, those with our ‘Licence to Chill’ can jump in the ice and get some cold exposure. We encourage everyone to come and enjoy the space, stick around and have a chat and a coffee. This is a drop-in class so don't feel like you need to be there at the start or stay to the end.  

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