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Nurture your physical health by exploring the tangible vehicle of your human experience. Run, jump, lift, move and play.

Offering an experience-based practice for the body, we utilise play and task-orientated training in order to focus you in the moment. Honouring this process creates a joyful practice that leads to more successful habit-building and long term results. We also believe in making use of all three planes of movement that exist in both unloaded (Animal Flow/Calisthenics) and loaded (Kettlebells/Strength) systems. This makes us adaptable to situational demands, while getting stuck in any one system can lead to a rigidity of movement and create weaknesses elsewhere. Skill development is also an important component in keeping engagement with a task and making training sustainable.

Small Group Classes

The Fifth Direction offers an array of fun and fresh small group physical movement classes. We believe in a holistic approach to overall fitness and wellness and our class schedule enables you to train with us everyday as we value recovery as much as intensity. All our classes begin with play to warm your body up and to get your mind focused on the tasks ahead. We also incorporate breathwork and meditation at the beginning and end of each session. Classes are suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels as our coaches will always regress and progress to suit each individual.  Our classes provide constant variation but focus on  High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), functional fitness, strength, loaded movement, animal flow, circuit training, core training, mobility and yoga. They are capped at 12 people and last from 45 minutes to an hour.

Semi-Private Training

This is the most effective way to gain all the benefits and programming of a 1:1 personal training session with the support and camaraderie of a class. Our groups are capped at six people and run in 12 week cycles to ensure you get quality attention and maximal results.

Personal Training

Whether it's to develop functional strength, move with greater freedom, increase stability, de-stress, build muscle, decrease body fat or prevent injury, we are here to ensure you build toward a sustainable lifestyle of wellness. During our free one-hour consult, we sit down and discuss your intention, exercise history, current habits, injuries and limitations and stress management routine. We then take you through a detailed functional movement assessment and formulate the best program for you.