len bennett

Len Bennett is a Doctor of Chinese Medicine who uses a variety of methods to facilitate the return of the body’s natural balanced state. Leading us through an acumeditation workshop,  he will use a form of auricular acupuncture which allows us to tap into deeper meditative states. Len has vast experience working in the rehabilitation of boys and men and his powerful practice will help connect us to our fullest potential.



stephan skov

Stephan Skov came to Melbourne from Denmark six years ago. A musician/composer with a Masters degree in Music Therapy from Aalborg University, he is currently using music and meditation to help patients in cancer and palliative care cope with their situations/treatments and to ease physical symptoms. 

With his courses at The School of Life already receiving rave reviews, Stephan will share with us his deep understanding of ‘music and the mind’ as it relates to life and manhood. We will broadly discuss the role of music in shaping our experience, enjoy a guided meditation, and immerse ourselves in music both as listener and creator.

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