The heart is the integration point for all of our life experiences and it has the most powerful energy field in our body, but many of us have lost touch with the heart’s innate wisdom and its ability to perceive and decipher the world around us. The practice of heart-based meditations can realign our hearts and minds, helping us to rejuvenate and rebalance, and providing an excellent tool to help manage stress and anxiety. 

Signals sent from the heart to the brain have an impact on our mental capacity, so when we are coherent – the optimal state in which the heart and mind are aligned – we can access higher-thinking centres that significantly increase resilience and affect emotional and cognitive processes, including attention span, perception, memory, social awareness, intuition, creativity, strategic thinking and reaction time.

As a certified HeartMath instructor, Asher offers a technique that is available to everyone, but is used regularly for enhancing sports performance, helping athletes stay in the zone.

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