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Acu-Meditation: The Dantian

"This combined practice has the power to deepen the meditative state and connect your heart to the cosmos" - Len Bennett


Acu-meditation involves the ancient arts of acupuncture and meditation to create a conscious connection to a higher state of awareness.

Needles are placed into the body’s meridians prior and/or during meditation to help balance the bodies natural flow of energy, harmonising mind, body and spirit.

The Fifth Direction hosts monthly acu-meditation sessions with registered Doctor of Chinese Medicine and acupuncturist, Len Bennett. With 18 years experience practicing internal martial arts, Len provides the opportunity for deep self-discovery in every session. 

This month, Len will focus on the three centres of energy – the upper, middle and lower dantian. A needle placed at each of these positions - the third eye, the heart and the hara - will facilitate an awareness of and connectedness to these energy fields, which represent consciousness, spirit and the physical body respectively. Meditating using both imagery and sound will then combine them into a unified wholeness.

These sessions are limited to just 16 people. Please book here. All welcome!

Date: Monday, June 25
Time: 7:30pm–8:30pm
Place: The Fifth Direction, Albert Park
Investment: $35 plus booking

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