Our wellbeing and the environment in which we live are intimately linked. This connection influences our physical and mental wellbeing in a variety of ways.

We all understand at some level that we feel better in nature, but we are now uncovering more and more evidence that our energetic connection to the earth is far more profound than previously understood. It's vital to not only spend time in nature but to be mindful of this most sacred of relationships, as it impacts us right down to our DNA and the way our genes are expressed. As it has been said of our health, genes load the gun but environment pulls the trigger.

As well as grounding ourselves amongst the trees whenever we can, this includes optimising our own personal environment - the places we spend most of our time. Our use of technology, the products we choose for our bodies and homes, the food we eat and our own mindset all plays a pivotal role in the make-up of our environment, both internal and external.

With Asher's background in epigenetics and geobiology, he is able to discuss this with you as part of an overall wellness program.